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On the 19th May’s Facebook page will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Our Facebook page is a place for everyone to find support, share experiences and ask questions. The page is run by our social media team who communicate directly with members, share content with the wider audience and keep up to date with […]

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Giving emotional and mental health support as a healthcare professional

Emotional and mental health support is too often missing for people living with diabetes. We’re calling on health services in the UK to create national standards for diabetes emotional and mental health support, including: Everyone is asked how they are feeling as part of every diabetes appointment. A mental health professional with knowledge of diabetes […]

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A window of opportunity to take part in research and stop Type 1 diabetes in its tracks

Have you, or someone you know, just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? It’s an overwhelming and scary time. But there might also be a unique opportunity. In the first 100 days after your diagnosis, you could be eligible to take part in a clinical trial testing a new type of treatment, called an immunotherapy. […]

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DUKPC highlights part 3: Diabetes and mental wellbeing – by Lucy Trelfa

Diabetes is demanding and complex. Whether it’s adjusting to being diagnosed, or trying to juggle diabetes with other long-term health conditions, getting the right emotional support alongside physical support is vital. There was no shortage of talk around mental health at this year’s DUKPC.  Diabetes and severe mental illness People with a severe mental illness […]

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DUKPC highlights part 2: Innovating treatments – by Faye Riley

At DUKPC it’s out with the old and in with the new as we’re updated on cutting-edge advancements in diabetes. Here are some of the exciting areas where researchers across the globe are breaking new ground to treat diabetes in new and innovative ways.   Progress towards preventing Type 1 Scientists are building a more […]

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DUKPC highlights part 1: Untangling the complexity of diabetes

Earlier this month – along with over 3,000 healthcare professionals and researchers – we packed our bags and headed to Liverpool for our Professional Conference (DUKPC). Over three action packed days we heard from leading experts on what’s new in diabetes research. Here’s what we learnt about progress to untangle the complexity of diabetes. Getting […]

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How we’re pushing forward research into diabetes and mental wellbeing – by Faye Riley

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop all about diabetes and mental wellbeing. Diabetes doesn’t just affect someone physically. The relentless need to manage your condition, and dealing with everything diabetes throws at you, affects mental health as well. People with diabetes experience much higher rates of mental health […]

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It might be about Type 2 diabetes, but DiRECT offers hope for everyone – by Faye Riley

We’ve been shouting about a landmark study called DiRECT recently. Our scientists have shown that a low-calorie weight management programme can help people put their Type 2 diabetes into remission for at least two years. Here’s the latest. It’s an exciting time for Diabetes UK’s research. Not only do the promising findings show that lasting […]