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New study: A low-carb breakfast could be ideal for diabetes control

What should you eat for breakfast if you have diabetes? We’ve always recommended that you skip the carbs and fuel up with fat and protein instead — and a new study confirms that this is excellent advice. The study, published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has shown that eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fat breakfast […]

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Low-carb beats high-carb for people with type 1 diabetes

As anyone with type 1 diabetes can tell you, there are many factors that affect blood sugar that don’t have anything to do with food: stress, illness or injury, insulin pump malfunctions, to mention just a few. Although many of these are unavoidable, dietary choices are fortunately entirely within everyone’s control. Furthermore, research continues to […]

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Case study supports keto as treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

As we have written before, the rates of Alzheimer’s disease are predicted to sky rocket in the near future with a potential devastating toll on families and medical costs. As a result, pharmaceutical companies are investing billions of dollars to search for a cure. Unfortunately, the result has been one spectacular failure after the next. […]