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Getting to Know Dr. Robert Vigersky

The Diabetes Group at Medtronic is full of people who are pushing the status quo to help those living with diabetes live healthier lives. Today, we’d like to help you get to know Dr. Robert Vigersky, our Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Vigersky plays a leading role for us in leading our clinical work and serves […]

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One touch verio IQ

Does anyone use this meter? I checked my blood sugar and it said it was low, I decided to recheck after freaking out and it said it was 187, probably like 1 minute later before I even drank anything. is this a thing I should be worried about? Should I be rechecking before taking corrective? […]

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Medicare diabetes patients file class action lawsuit against HHS Secretary Alex Azar

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is the subject of a new class action lawsuit filed by two plaintiffs, Douglas B. Sargent and Carol A. Lewis. They allege that Medicare’s repeated refusal to cover continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) results in serious negative health outcomes to patients. CGMs have largely replaced the “finger prick” method […]