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CMG and Insurance

I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I called them to as about CMGs and they said that they do not cover any of them. She told me “we do not cover them NO EXCEPTIONS” What’s up with that? And does anyone have insurance that does cover them? Or do you guys have ways […]


Type 2 Diabetes – A Positive Approach to Treating Diabetes

A negative mindset will impair your ability to reach a goal, any goal, like you would not believe. Planning is the expected part, especially when there is visualization involved. You may visualize how and where you would like to be in six months’ time. It may even boost your mood to think deeply about it. […]

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A protocol to reverse type 2 diabetes in a hospital setting

In this recently published case report, we see a community hospital strive toward a new standard of care for approaching patients with type 2 diabetes. What therapeutic agent is at the center of the new paradigm? A ketogenic diet. Diabetes Management: A clinician’s guide to inpatient low carbohydrate diets for remission of type 2 diabetes […]