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Giving emotional and mental health support as a healthcare professional

Emotional and mental health support is too often missing for people living with diabetes. We’re calling on health services in the UK to create national standards for diabetes emotional and mental health support, including: Everyone is asked how they are feeling as part of every diabetes appointment. A mental health professional with knowledge of diabetes […]

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Dear Mom: Nick’s Letter To His Mother

Working as the Program Director for Connected in Motion, I met Nick a few years ago at one of the retreat weekends run by the organization. This past year, I also had the pleasure of meeting Nick’s mom, Janis at the same event. What a pleasure meeting Janis and seeing their story unfold in person!  […]

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Diabetic stream?

Hey everyone I've been a diabetic for 15 years and I was thinking about starting a stream on Mixer. Obviously I want anyone and everyone but I would like to have some days where I play with other diabetics and spotlight the difficulties of having the disease. I usually play on xbox and i dont […]

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How Diabetes Affects My Conscious Thought

This content originally appeared on Integrated Diabetes Services. Republished with permission.Ever consider how much you don’t think about consciously? The things that just take place all day long in the body without our awareness or thought to make it work, the body amazes me, honestly. The heart beats, lungs breath, our cells do all the […]