Month: May 2019

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My ultimate top 5 swimming tips

Congratulations! You’ve spent the last twelve weeks swimming, and in the process raised funds for Diabetes UK’s important work supporting people who live with diabetes. The English Channel is a long way, so if you have managed to swim the equivalent, that’s quite an achievement. But however far you have swum for the challenge, you […]

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My (M26) shocking experience with my mother (58)

We live in Botswana and it began with dementia-like symptoms (forgetting where home is, repeating herself, trembling hand). Public hospitals have a shortage of specialists so it took her more than a week after all that and still without specialist attention before my dad (after such an emotional debate with me and the hospital staff) […]

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5 Diabetes-Friendly Beverages for the Spring and Summer

The warm weather is finally here, and so is the wonderful season of outdoor get-togethers, BBQs, and very soon, laying on the beach! With these events and the heat, come opportunities to make diabetes-friendly choices about the cold beverages we consume. This quick list is sure to help you stay on course with your blood […]

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Review: StayPut Medical Patches for Your Devices

Whether you are wearing an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) or any other type of medical device, you know how important it is for it to stay affixed to your body. For one, it is most important to ensure it is working properly and delivering accurate results. Additionally, these devices are extremely expensive and […]

Diabetes, Diabetes Symptoms, Facebook, prediabetes, Type 1, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2, Type 2 Diabetes’s Facebook page celebrates 10 year anniversary

On the 19th May’s Facebook page will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Our Facebook page is a place for everyone to find support, share experiences and ask questions. The page is run by our social media team who communicate directly with members, share content with the wider audience and keep up to date with […]

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Diabetes: 10 Things I Hate About You

Being only 5 and 1/2 years into this disease, I try to keep my complaining to a minimum. I see people with diabetes, who have had it much longer, who seem to have such a positive attitude, so I follow suit. But we are all entitled to have feelings of burnout, fear, and frustration even […]